Saturday September 29th, 2012:

1t.* Legacies of Independence - Robert HIll, Moderator - 9:00am

Adom Getachew, Yale University, "The Unthinkability of the Haitian Revolution."

Max Hantel, Rutgers University, "Becoming-Archipelago: Caribbean Independence Beyond the Nation-State and Globalization."

Shane Pantin, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, "Exploring the Legacies of Diasporic Consciousness in Trinidad and Tobago, 1976 to 1990."

1k. When the Spirits Travel - Vanessa K. Valdes, Moderator - 9:00am

Christina Davidson, Duke University, "Black Protestants in a Catholic Land: The Contemporary A.M.E. Church in the Dominican Republic."

Rachael Cantave, American University, " 'Everything Old is New Again': Re-theorizing Candomblé in Contemporary Brazil."

Meredith F. Coleman-Tobias, Emory University, "Performance Is As Religion Knows: Ethnography of Spiritual Baptist Religious Diasporas."

2t. Understanding the Caribbean-Canadian Diaspora - Karen Flynn - 11:00am

Christopher Stuart Taylor, Western University, Canada, "No, We Cannot: Black West Indians and Canadian Political Culture."

Jodie Glean, Concordia University, "The Black Experience In Canada: Writing African Canadians Into Existence."

Anthony N. Morgan, McGill, "Toward Caribbean Diaspora Diplomacy: A Perspective on Politicizing Canada's Caribbean Diaspora."

2k. Contested Identities, Building Community - Peggy Levitt, Moderator - 11:00am

Elena Guzman, Cornell University, "Bomba: The Performance of an Afro-Puerto Rican Identity as an Agent of Social Change."

Aidah Gil, CUNY Graduate Center, "A Schomburg Variant: Arthur, Arturo and the Archive."

Chantee Parris, Yale University, "Self-Interest, Stick-fights, & Calypso Community Building."

3t. The Archive of Woman - Regine Jean-Charles, Moderator - 1:30pm

Allison Harbin, Rutgers University, "Lines of Deterritorialization: Becoming Visible in Caribbean Art."

Eziaku Nwokocha, Harvard University, "Vodou and the Self-Fashioning of Sexual Identity: The Case of Ezili Danto."

Rupa Pillai, University of Oregon, "Revitalizing the Mother: Kali Mai Worship in New York City."

3k. Roots of Independence - Adam Ewing, Moderator - 1:30pm

Birte Timm, Free University of Berlin, "Transnational Roots of Anti-Colonial Nationalism in Jamaica: The Jamaica Progressive League in New York and Kingston, 1936-1962."

Danielle Boaz, University of Miami, "Instruments of Obeah: Significance of Ritual Objects in the Jamaican Legal System."

Michael A. Deliz, University of Texas at Arlington, "Networking a Transatlantic Revolution: The Efforts to Organize and Radicalize the Spanish Caribbean Diaspora, 1860 - 1898."

4t. Africana Political Thought - Tony Bogues, Moderator - 3:30pm

Michael E. Sawyer, Brown University, "L'Overture has Four Bodies: The Sovereign as a Persona Mixta."

Sarah Elizabeth Vaugn, Columbia University, "Landscaping Diaspora: black art and floods in post-disaster Guyana."

Mandy Izadi, Oxford University, "Muskogee State: Black Freedom in the Context of Black-Indian Relations."

4k. Sacred Politics and Public Space - Leonard Brown, Moderator - 3:30pm

Elizabeth Schwall, Columbia University, "The Politics of Spirituality in Cuban Modern Dance and Folkloric Dance, 1959 -1976."

Khytie Brown, Harvard University, "Unholy Communion: An Analysis of the Neo-Spiritual and Redemptive Forces in Dancehall Music and Culture."

Joe Hartman, Southern Methodist University, "The Ceiba Tree as a Multivocal Signifier: Afro-Cuban Symbolism, Political Performance, and Urban Space in the Cuban Republic."

*The "t" stands for Thompson Room and the "k" stands for Kresge as the panels will run concurrently due to time limitations.